Would you blindly trust a stranger?

Hardly! We feel the same way, by the way. We only place our trust in people we know. Because they live in the area, because we meet them regularly and because we like them. Just like the farmers from the region, from whom we get a part of our organic products. They are not nameless wholesalers, but people with exciting stories and an enormous passion for what they do.

For example Duri Casty from Zuoz. He wanted to become a farmer when he was a little boy and started farming with a small flock of sheep. A short time later, a few pigs moved onto his farm. More than 30 years later, there are cackles, neighs and grunts everywhere on the Casty farm, which has since been taken over by son Andri. Here, Engadine lambs and mountain pigs live together in peaceful nature. And that's what makes their meat so unique and of such high quality.

A good 300 people live in the small hamlet of Tinizong. One of them is Werner Leu, a native of Basel, who fell in love with the Engadin as a young ski instructor. Without further ado, he founded an alpine chicken farm in the mountains of Graubünden. It is said that his animals lay the best eggs far and wide. After all, they spend their entire lives on the meadow by the river Julia or in the cozy winter garden.

Menduri Willy likes to wear cowboy hats, especially at his "Engadin River Ranch" in Madulain. Here he raises Angus cattle that graze on the lush Graubünden mountain meadows in summer. The exquisite natural feed and the particularly animal-friendly husbandry pay off. The organic Natura Beef on your plate is incredibly tender and aromatic.

Menduri, Werner and the Casty family are just three examples of many. They stand for producers and suppliers from the region that we know and trust. Because only with the very best organic products can we spoil you with culinary delights the way we would like to.


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